It’s illogical that drives me crazy….

I can handle callers that genuinely need education. I get that our current education system in the US does not cover how interest works, etc. People that will listen and try to understand are a dream. They’re also like 2% of my calls!

Today‘s gem was a woman who started out normal. She had one more question… “Why you charge me twice for same ting?” She was convinced that a payment she made in July paid for a charge not even made until 7/22. I tried to explain it to her a few different ways, but she kept insisting we were charging her twice. I ordered another statement to be sent to her and asked her to review it and see for herself that she indeed only been charged once.

Second woman today that blew my mind was a caller that came in with a question about why she was being charged interest. I brought up my transactions screen and immediately cringed because this woman makes many random payments throughout the billing cycle. It’s been my experience that this type of payer doesn’t keep up with the amounts of payments nor the dates she makes them, and so when the statement balance is not met by the due date by $0.37, she gets interest. This was the case today, and she was accrued the minimum interest charge, $0.50. Me, I’m going to try to get the interest waived rather than spend 5 minutes on a call trying to explain why. The funniest part was as I was trying to extricate meaning from the plate of spaghetti her charges and payments were, I broke the dead air by saying, “Just a moment.” Her response was a gum-cracking “uh-huh” dripping in condescension and how right she was. Every time. So if exercising assumed superiority over a credit card call center person is the high point of your day, then lady, you self-righteously uh-huh all day long. I’ll be done with you in approximately 1 minute, 15 seconds. Thanks for being the best part of (company) and have a GREAT day.

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