First call

So this was some years ago. I took my first call center job I was excited! It was for a big cable company and The trainer was a gaming nerd like me. Had a couple other trainees in the class that had the same interests. All and all started off great! 5 weeks paid training then to the phones.

So right before we start week 6 and get on live calls we had to do some training calls and pass a test. Ok no biggie I hit everything I was supposed to but after the lady that had tested me tells me maybe I should go take some speech classes in college cause I wasn’t going to “make it long” and she couldn’t believe they even hired me. Yea ok lady whatever shrugged it off and moved on. (I ended up being top in the call center and was there 4yrs)

So my first call went a little like this

Me: hello! Thank you for calling ———— my name is Krissy how can help you?

Caller: Krissy huh heavy breathing that’s hot

Me: umm thank you how can I help you today? Or can we start with your name in phone number?

Caller: heavy breathing I like your name some noises can you talk some more

Me: starting to panic and looking around for a trainer to connect in start jumping up and down to get someone’s attention

Caller: hey I need some help beautiful can you talk some more

Me: sir can I get you name and telephone number so I can pull up your account (trainer is finally connecting in)

Caller: oh yea you can get my name Krissy just keep talking it’s right there

Me: excuse me sir……..(I look at trainer her mouth is wide open and she hits disconnect)

Trainer: umm that guy was jacking off to your call go take a 15 min cig break you deserve one.

Guys info did pop up on the computer apparently this is something he regularly did.

Jokes were made by that trainer forever after till she left the company some years after me. apparently I was the first person to ever get a man pleasing himself on a first call. I used to get random condoms on my desk too. I’m assuming from other co workers that had seen or heard what happened.

TLDR: first call was a gentleman pleasing himself

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