That’s not how that word’s pronounced…

I’ve had a couple other people tell me they experienced calls with this scenario, wondering if it’s common. I do credit card escalations for a major bank. Woman comes on PISSED screaming about she wants this fraud charge removed from her card. The specialist who transferred couldn’t find what the hell she was talking about. We have ME (duh), CM (card member).

CM: i need this charge removed right now!! I only drink tea, I never drink coffee. This coffee charge needs to come off IMMEDIATELY!! You’re my bank, you should be able to recognize when someone is fraudulently using my card!!

Me: (frantically looking for anything starbucks or dunkin’ or whatever and also coming up empty) ma’am I don’t see the charge. What’s the date or amount so I can locate it and take care of this for you?

CM: WHAT IS THIS LATTE FEE!! It’s right there dummy. Can’t you fucking read?!

Now. If she hadn’t turned into that I may have been nicer but since she was going to be a jerk I’m done.

ME: (completely deadpan) ma’am we pronounce that LATE fee.

She hung up. It was a good day!

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