"Oh don’t you even try and feed me that **** " – the one customer who left us a positive review on BBB that entire summer

I worked at “Scam Home Warranty” in the authorizations department a few years ago. I determine if a repair is or isn’t covered and have 16 pages of contract to pull denials. Believe it or not, on Sundays the entire company is run by very few people and mistakes happen: this is one of those stories.

Authorizations does not talk to customers unless they have a technician in the house. Some customers will say there’s a tech just to get to auth and yell at us for some denied claim or to get their claim authorized before a tech ever submits a diagnosis. Somehow enough people called out/were on lunch/were watching football that I was the only live phone in all of auth and somehow a customer got through.

Cust – “It’s been over a week, why is there no technician assigned to my claim”

Me (caught off guard) – “It says on the notes that you are in a NTIA (no tech in area) and we have offered reimbursement to go forward with your own tech.”

Cust – “Oh don’t you even try and feed me that sh*t, I did find a tech and you didn’t wanna deal with him”

Me (sees mention of own tech wants 200 service call fee for a simple snake of a kitchen sink) – “Sir in a NTIA claim you can use any tech you find, I don’t know who told you that but if you have a tech that can service your claim I suggest you use them”


Me (absolutely sick of this guy) – “**I WILL! NOW I’M SORRY IF I’M COMING OFF AS RUDE OR UNPROFESSIONAL BUT THIS DEPARTMENT DOES NOT TALK TO CUSTOMERS! GET THE TECH IN YOUR HOUSE AND ILL PAY HIM OVER THE PHONE WITH THE COMPANY CARD IN A HARTBEAT! (calming down a little) Sir, this claim has gone on long enough, if the only thing it takes to solve it is for me to overpay some ripoff tech then I’ll do it.”

Cust – (long pause) “Well I just thought you guys were being stingy with the claim, I wasn’t gonna use that tech anyway. I’ll call roto-rooter and we’ll see if you’re being honest with me.”

(fast forward 2 hours)

Cust – “Rotorooter is here and they’re asking me for money”

Me – “Put the tech on the line”

Roto-rooter – “see this is why we don’t deal with warranty companies”

Me – “You have a diad or app on your phone to take a credit card payment?”

Roto-rooter – “of course, fee for the snake is $175”

Me – pays technician, gets receipt mailed to auth, tech snakes line customer happy.

(fast forward an hour or so)

Cust calls in – “so I got this email from you guys saying to email you my receipt to receive reimbursement.”

Me – “oh that’s an automated message, I handled it on my end don’t worry about it.”

Cust – “thank you for being honest with me.”

Me – “if you really want to show your gratitude you can leave us a good review on BBB.”

Cust – “OK”

I can send proof to the mods if they want, this was our only non-botted/paid review we got that entire summer on BBB and my boss said nothing to me about it because I technically broke company policy and the whole thing could have blown up in my face if it went a different way


​If you or someone you know has a home warranty and you wanna talk about it or something, let me know I’m happy to help you in any way I can. We denied 70% of claims, they can afford to cover one claim once in a while.

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