(L) You’re seriously going to commit suicide??

So yesterday morning, not even 30 minutes after I clocked in, I got my first call. It was from a woman, the first words that came out of her mouth were, “keep your mouth shut until I tell you you can speak, it’s disrespectful if you talk before me, do you understand?”

She calls to complain about the fact that we cannot send out installation/service technitian for one of our newer TV systems, which she has. So I explain to her, that said service is a 100% self service installation, meaning the customer would install it themselves (seriously, how hard is it to plug the receiver into a power outlet, then plug the HDMI cable into a input on the TV. There it’s done, you successfully install your tv service) so therefore, the system does not allow us to dispatch technitian. So she goes ino angry/entitled black woman mode, and tells me that we would send out techs for “white people”, and that I am a racist for lying to her. So, being the smartass I am, I send her a reprint of her customer service agreement, which states on the very top of the page, that no technitains will be sent out, they have to install themselves. So proceeds to call me a “racist, cracker, selfish african american hater”, to which I tell her, “excuse me ma’am, if you insist on speaking to me with that tone of voice, I will release the call. I am being very professional and accomodating to your needs, and I expect the same from you”. Now, because she didn’t say I was allowed to talk, she again states the same thing. I tell her no technitian will be dispatched as per her customer service summary, she then proceeds to guilt trip me by saying, “I’m an old woman, this is not fair, if you cannot get a technitian out to my house today, I will take the knife that I am holding and kill myself while we’re on the phone. How would you feel about my death weighing on your concience, since you’re the one responsible for my death?” I inform the customer that killing herself would be the worst way to go upon getting what she wants. Que her shreiking into the phone, and pure silence for 5 minutes. I end up saying that if she does not respond, we were going to forward the entirity of the call as well as all customer records, to her local police department so they could do a welfare check. This seems to have straightened her ass out, because not even a second after I finished saying that did she tell me shes there. To make her attention seeking/credit fishing habits worse, the customer decides to admit that she stabbed herself multiple times in both legs and that she is completely bleeding out, so it wouldn’t be long until she’s dead, because I made the choice for her. I proceed to inform the customer of the same thing, and she ended up asking for a supervisor (who was already on the phone listening to the call, as well as on his cell phone calling her local police department). I conference in my supervisor, and put myself on mute. During their conversation, the customer flat out lied to my supervisor saying “he called me a stupid nigger multiple times, and also told me to kill myself”. Immediately, my coach informs her that her behavior is unacceptable, and that she did the same thing the previous 6 months anytime a agent or supervisor didn’t meet her demands. When I asked him about the call this morning, he informed me that her police were at her house while my supervisor and her were talking, and the police discovered that she did not have any gaping wounds, nor was she bleeding. The woman is now in her local hospital, hopefully, this crazy bitch gets the help she needs. I don’t think her services were the worst of her problems.,

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