Unexpected response

I sell cruises for a living. So it’s early and I sometimes forget to really brand/sell to guests so part of this made sense but also I was having a really really hard time hearing this guest, she sounded very muffled and far away so I missed when she said she’s new to cruising and such.

Me: Alright let’s get this booked, can I get your name?

Guest: Uh, you haven’t told me much about it. I’ve never cruised before and I don’t know much about it. Can you tell me about the ship and stuff?

Me: Oh sure, I’d be happy to! Starts enthusiastically telling her about the ship and asking probing questions to see what she likes

Guest: What kind of add ons are there?

Me: Such as drink packages etc?

Guest: Yes

Me: Sure, so we have specialty dining and several types of drink packages but everything else is complimentary. Would you be interested in a package that includes alcohol or do you prefer non-alcoholic beverages? We have packages for both

Guest: Can I speak with another agent?

Me: Huh? I can’t transfer you but I’m happy to continue assisting

Guest: You just don’t seem interested in trying to help me or talk to me

Me: I’m sorry, I was asking about that so I can tell you about the package that works best for you and get you the best experience-

Guest: I’m going to hang up and call back.

Me: Can I do anything else to continue helping you? I’m sorry–

Guest: You sound really aggressive so I’m just going to hang up. click


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