I do tech support for satellite company and usually I can handle “Karen” when I get that type of call. Customer calls in I verify the account and she is mad because her tech has not called or shown up yet and her scheduled tome is between 4 pm and 8 pm. No problem so I go to consult with a different department and while I am doing that I am checking her account and pull the work order. The order has been act knowledge so which means a tech is assigned to the work order. So I am patiently waiting and making small talk with her and what not and “Karen” husband “Garen” is in the background saying this and that about the company I work for. So she lets her husband know that I can hear everything and he shuts up. The department I am trying to consult with closed and kicked me out of the chat system. I proceeded to tell her that a tech has been assigned to her work order and when the tech is done with the other job she will receive a phone call the call he is on now could of went longer than they expected it too. “Karen” is not happy with that answer. I then proceeded to tell her that the tech can still work in the dark because of the tool they use on her dish and he just needs that a flash light and a ladder. Yup she didn’t like that either so I inform her that when the tech arrives they will be able to determine if they need to leave the ladder or not but if the tech has to leave the ladder to access the dish she will have to contact a 3rd party to remove and relocate the dish so we can access the dish. “Karen” was not happy with that as well. Then those magical words “ I want to speak to a supervisor” came out of her mouth and I said sure let me get one on the line. I get a sup on the line explain the issue and of course the sup tells me I am going to tell “Karen” the same thing you have told her so maybe hearing it from me will work. Not sure what the outcome was but I don’t think she was going to like it.

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