Fix it. Just fix it or I’m telling

I work for a call center and we rep a very well known org that provides certifications for things like CPR LIFEGUARDING BASIC LIFE SUPPORT n the such. We offer online only courses, blended courses (1/2 online half in person) and classroom only (all in person) We have a site in which both students and the instructors can log into. The students to do their online work and view their certs. The instructors set up classes record how the student did. State whether or not they were successful in passing the skills test. If anyone has issues they call us for support. I have a few good ones. Let us start with yesterday. I’ll be M the caller will be C.

M. Standard greeting

C. I sent you ppl an email and you replied.

Note at this point I’ve asked for info to pull him up ive yet to get it.

C. I didn’t like the reply n you need to do what I asked.

M asks for info again.

C gives case number to case with email but its now closed.

I review the case n start a new one.

M yes sir can you please give me more info on the issue do I can help figure out what is wrong?

C no I don’t want you to figure out what is wrong. I just want you to fix it.

M well sir I am not able to fix it unless I know what is causing the issue.

C I don’t care whats causing it. Just fix it. I’m not doing it again. You will do it for me or I will tell (org name CEO)

M SIR I am happy to help you but I need to be able to figure out what the issue is.

C no I don’t want it fixed anymore just record my class n be done. I’ll call next time n you ppl can just enter it for me. I’m not doing it. When will it be done?

Note we can enter for them however it is something that we try to discourage as they should do it because its their responsibility.

M (groans) we will send you an email confirmation once its done. Is there anything else I can help you with?

C yes when will it be done? I needed this done in April.

M we will get it entered and send you an email by EOD.

C what is your full nsme and id.

M Gives first name n id. I don’t give out my last nsme sir.

This one was on a chat I do both chat and phone depending on day

Me standard greeting tries to gather identification info

C are you done ?

M im sorry am i done?

C yes are you done fixing it?

M im not sure what you are talking about. Can I get your info so I can pull up your profile?

C this is so not acceptable you ppl can’t do anything. I just want to know if its fixed or not.

M im sorry without you contact info I can not pull up anything therefor can not help you. May I please have your name and email so I csn see what we have?

(Finally gets info)

M I do not see any open cases for you. And the last time I show you contacted us was well over 2 years ago.

C yes I know. So is it fixed?

M Sir can you please tell me the issue?

C fine. But im not happy
I had a CPR cert with company XYZ (not us) it was expired but I didn’t want to take their class again. I wanted your org to change the date and extend it so it didn’t expire and put your logo on it.

M im sorry sir for any miscommunication there may have been however you would’ve needed to take one of our vlasses to get a cert from us. You can find classes at (gives link)

C so your not going to fix my expired cert from XYZ without me taking a class,? The whole point was I didn’t want to pay. Are you giving me a free class for this stupidity?

M no sir I apologize how ever you will need to take a full class in order to get a cert from us. Unfortunately no we can not give you a free course. Is there anything else I can h help you with?

C no but I’m not paying for a class.

M im sorry to hear that. Gives closing.

Last one.

M greeting

C. Gives info (is nice) states issues

M pulls up profile. Able to fix issue. Ok sir I see the issue and I have corrected. Please allow a full 24 hours for it to complete reset n refresh. After 24 hours you will be able to see the links you need to register. It will take 24 hours. If after 24 hours you log in and fo not see it you csn give us a call back for more assistance.

C ok great thank you.

Me gives closing.

*tskes 3 more calls *

4th call is b transfered to my department from front office (main line you get when you call in ,) its the guy I just helped n told wait 24 hours 4 times

Me gives transfer greeting

C i called in a bit ago n the agent was greet dhe helped me n fixed the issues. But I still don’t have the link.

M yes sir you actually spoke with me. As I told you please allow a FULL 24 HOURS for it to refresh. There is nothing thst can be done until 24 hours passes.

C ……. ummmmm oh thats what you meant. I thought you meant something else. So I have to wait 24 hours? Well how long has it been?

M yes you must wait 24 hours. Its only been less than 30 mins.

C oh well ok then. Are you sure nothing can be done? Are you sure I gotta wait? I took today off to do n this.

M yes I am sure it takes 24 hours. The system is set to refresh every night system wide. It can’t not be done sooner. It is an automatic refresh. Please allow 24 hours.

C well I guess I gotta wait.

M is there any thing else I can help you with?

C no.

Me closing.

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