You’re not wrong, but you don’t have to be rude and condescending

Customer came in needing help with her phone accessory. We were able to determine that both her phone and spouse’s phones and multiple headphones are malfunctioning — all under my company’s brand. Honestly I think they’re just shit with how they use their devices though.

I offered a reservation to one of our stores, advised her to bring both phones and all headphones that are malfunctioning so it can be checked. This is where her condescending bitchiness comes in; she had valid questions but just had to be an ass about it.

M: offers reservation and store information

C: Seriously? That seems very unresponsible and unsafe. There is a pandemic going on and you want me to go outside?

M: Our stores are following strict health and safety protocols. No mask, no entry policy. If you have a mask on, we’ll even give you one more free mask so you have a spare. Temperatures are checked and social distancing is enforced. Everything is sanitized properly.

C: Even still, aren’t you supposed to have exceptions with what’s going on? Is there any way I can just send my phone for repair?

M: We do have exceptions with processes, some countries have options they normally don’t so we can accommodate them. I checked for your country but the mail-in option is only for ordering phone cases or have them replaced.

C: That’s absurd. So you don’t have a policy exception for immunocompromised Canadians like me?

M: repeat everything I just told her earlier

C: So (mycompany) discriminates and values the life of non-immunocompromised Canadians over immunocompromised Canadians?

M: False, that is not our intent. The safety protocols are for everyone’s sake. We also wouldn’t be allowed to operate by the government if we weren’t in line with standards.

C: Lack of intent doesn’t change the fact you’re not able to accommodate.

M: You are speaking with tech support. If you’d like to continue with this feedback, here is where you can deliver your concern through the proper channel: website

C: Unbelievable, so do I need a reservation?

M: explain process and give her our store locator webpage

C: You do realize this doesn’t show anything about my country, right?

M: Actually, you could click “all locations” and select your country from the dropdown.

C: I see here on your website that mail-in is an option for phones. So why did you tell me this isn’t an option? How about that?

M: We were discussing headphones issue earlier so I only provided relevant information that had to do with the topic. That option is only for phones strictly, like a broken display that needs repaired or a phone that wouldn’t respond to anything. Besides, we have yet to determine if it’s your phones or headphones that are malfunctioning or both, which is why I recommend bringing it all to a technician. A physical inspection must be done to ensure what’s causing the issue. I’m not setting up a repair shipping for your phone when we’re not even sure yet if that’s the issue. (At this point I’ve had enough of her condescending ass that if she pushed with the shipping I’d have just done it and have her waste money because malicious compliance.)

C: medium-length rant about how our COVID-response sucks, all positioned to lure me into a debate

M: You have interesting points, but this is tech support and not the proper channel. feedback webpage and corporate email address Is there anything else I can do for you with regards to your device and accessories concern?

C: No. (Bitch didn’t even say thanks.)

M: If you have no further concerns, I’ll end the chat now.

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