A Nice Tale

I called into a referrals department today to make some doctor appointments. I was on hold for maybe 5 minutes, then a lady picked up and started immediately apologizing because she was getting double calls (got assigned a call while still on the phone with another patient). She asked to put me back on hold and I said that was fine. After about another 5 minutes she came back and was so grateful that I wasn’t being an ass about it, explaining about the technical difficulties. I told her I spent a year in a call center getting yelled at for other people’s mistakes, it’s no big deal. She commisserated a little bit, and once she pulled up my account and saw my age (21) she told me I’m part of the next generation of leaders, and that she was so happy that we’ll be the ones in charge when she’s an old lady.

No drama or anything, it was just nice to hear someone who didn’t sound like a millenial/zoomer be nice about our generation(s) instead of shitting on us, even though I wasn’t doing anything more than being a decent human being.

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You’re not wrong, but you don’t have to be rude and condescending

Omg covid everywhere be safe! You’re wearing a mask? I don’t feel safe!