you’re incompetent

i’m so mentally exhausted. i just had a 35 minute phone call with some asshole just sitting there belittling me because he didn’t get the answer he wanted. told me i was incompetent, stupid, retarded, and didn’t know how to do my job. i tried taking control of the call towards the beginning because he just wouldn’t let me speak and then says “i’m the customer. you will listen to me and not speak over me.” then continues on with his insults towards me and the company. i finally gave up and just quit speaking until he says “are you still there?” yes dude, i’m just listening. to end the call he threatens me by saying “if i were you, i’d start looking for another job because you won’t have this one much longer” i. hate. this.

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  1. We have a script for keeping calls professional and the caller gets two warnings and on the third we can disconnect. Do you have a policy like that?

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