Will Quality get me for lying?

TL;DR at the end

I work in customer service in the credit card company for a U.S. bank. It was early in the day and I was not yet jaded and demoralized.

Me: Thank you for calling BigBank my name is OP, how can I make your day better?

C: Hi OP! I would like to add some of my kids to be able to use my kids to be able to use my card.

Verification… blah blah blah

I add his kids and we have a fun conversation as we both have a lot (6) of kids in a short period of time.

It was a bit of a long call because we were having a fun conversation. My stats are good and he’s not yelling at me, so all is good.

I get all his stuff done and go to wrap up.

Me: Besides adding your kids to the account, what else can I help you with?

C: Hmmmm, well can you tell me why the sky is blue?

Me: Oh, yes (in my most confident voice). The sky is blue because most of the earth is made up of water and the sun reflects off of it giving the illusion that the sky is blue.

C: OMG! Are you serious? Is that true?

Me: yes, absolutely, I majored in biology!

C: Ok, do you know why concrete cracks?

Me: Oh, of coarse. That is because of the water molecules that expand and contract during extreme hot and cold weather.

C: For real?

Me: Absolutely! Any other questions?

C: No, my mind is blown. We should sit down and have a drink sometime so you can solve the rest of the mystery’s of the universe!

Me: Haha! Al’righty then have a great day and thank you for being a valued customer of BigBank!

The blue sky thing is absolutely BS and I have no idea why concrete cracks!

TL;RD Nice customer starts asking random questions, so I give him random answers.

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