Wrong number!

I work for a service that answers for many different companies, this one was for a company that sold different things. And there’s a note in the account because a lot of people mistake it for a phone co.

Me: x company this is InfernoTerra.

Lady: Hi, do you need my account number or the last of my social. Here xxxx.

Me: Uh. Excuse me, what are you calling for?

Lady: my phone and why it’s not working! The lines are blah-

Me: Okay, we have nothing to do with phones. Wrong number.

Lady: well, what number am I supposed to call?

Me: (How would i know?!) I wouldn’t have any idea ma’am, sorry.

She mutters something, sounded rude but I didn’t catch it, and disconnects. First of all, maybe verify before giving out sensitive info. Second, I don’t even know what company you’re calling. How would I know the number?

My favorite, is when they go ‘well Can’t you look it up?’ Uhhh can’t you? I always tell them no. Mostly bc I can’t. Now that I WFH I actually can have my cell and a browser but jfc people. The only time I’ve made an exception however is if they’re elderly/confused or they’re having like a power outage or disaster where they can’t Google or Google is difficult.

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