No I never said I’m able to work!

For those of you familiar with unemployment benefits, maybe you could answer me a question. If you are not able, available and willing to work do you still get benefits?
A little background, I’m a Spanish interpreter so I will only write this call in English for the sake of the story.

Anyways, this is how my call went:

*after verifying info of the client*

Operator: So, ma’am. We had 4 notices from your job saying that you rejected job offers, why did you put that you were able and willing to work in your claim?
Lady: I never said that, they know that I can’t work.

O: Why is it that you can’t work.

L: Because the lady that cared for my son closed the door on me and is not taking care of him since the pandemic started and he doesn’t have school so I have to be with him.

O: Have you looked for other child care services?

L: No, because it’s difficult for my son to be comfortable with someone else, this lady has cared for him since he was little!

O: How old is your child?

L: 15 years old (I mean whaaaat)

O: Does your child have any disabilities?

L: No

O: So the only reason why you’re not working is because you can’t find child care services for your son?

L: Yes

O: But, ma’am, you’ve been saying in all of your claims that you do are able, willing and available to work, and your job has told us that you rejected work 4 times.

L: Well at my job they know that, I don’t know why they’re telling lies, they know what the situation is with my son, and that that lady closed the door for me when the pandemic started, I hope that once the schools start she will open her door for me and help me, with the help of God.

O: … I just want you to know the seriousness of giving false information, ma’am.

L: Well I’m not telling lies, if I did God will punish me. I don’t know why the people at work are doing that, they know everything.

And those last two lines were repeated like 4 times. I mean, whyyyyy. Perhaps I have other ideas because I’m from another country and all but, that child is big enough for taking care of himself for a few hours, or at least you could search for other child care services, right?

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