I’ve Been Looking Forward to This Since Day 1

I’ve worked at a bank call center for almost a year. We finance retail credit cards and lots of furniture/car care companies. 99% of people HATE our bank. They make it a point to let us know on almost every call. The only company that our customers hate more is Spectrum.

We’ve worked remotely since the onset of the pandemic in early March. At first it was a dream come true. No more getting dressed and going to the office. I didn’t even have to put on a bra anymore so believe me when I say I was super stoked. After about 3-4 weeks the thrill weared off and I hated it. I hated it more than I would have in the office. Our queues were atrociously long because everyone was trying to get on a deferment plan due to the loss of employment nation wide. Work and home blended together and on top of that, I had to look after my little one since childcare facilities shut down in my state. Had very little to no leeway on taking care of her so she was stuck in her room all day. I worked 2nd shift so I was tied to my desk with no mobility for 9 hours. It got to the point where I called off every week, used all my vacation and holiday time (the major perk of this company we had 120 call off hours, 80 hours vacation, and 96 hours of holiday time; all separate from each other so lots of time off) and I still wasnt recharged enough to deal with it all.

So I quit.

After almost a year I stopped logging on to take calls. No notice given (oh well) and I received the glorious empty box today to return my equipment. I couldn’t pack my things up fast enough. I’ll miss the people I worked with, but I definitely will not miss the job itself. I’ve now accepted a different position, with a pay cut unfortunately, however I am much, much happier and I am able to properly look after my little one now too.

Happy mama with no more phone drama

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