Just a Woman Named Karen

I work for a bank and had a customer call about a fraudulent charge that happened on her debit card(obviously, I have to block that card and issue a new one) when I told her it is protocol to block her card after a fraud charge happens, she flipped her shit. I told her that i understood her frustration, and i would be happy to expedite her card free of charge, apparently it wasnt good enough, I then offered to send instructions to set up her digital wallet so she has access to her funds while she waits for her card to arrive by saturday, I then get told I’m an ignorant, stupid bitch and how she NEEDS this card: so being me I asked “I’m sorry ma’am, maybe I misunderstood you, was this transaction valid?” she of course says “No, you fucking idiot, that’s why I’m calling” me: “So, someone has your card information?” her: “YES, you stupid bitch” me: “…so…you need a new card…?” she then asks for my supervisor and calls me ignorant, I tell her that’s fine but we will still have to block the card and reissue a new one. she ended up hanging up before talking to my sup…so guess who’s card is blocked and not having another one sent out considering I wasnt able to confirm if the address we have on file would be a good one to send a new card to. 🤷‍♀️

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