No sir, you can’t have my personal information to send me a farewell card…

I used to work at a call center for a wine club delivery service. As people love their wine, I had about 10 regulars who only wanted to talk to me when placing their orders because I knew a lot about the wines we offered and made some good suggestions they enjoyed. Honestly I mostly read descriptions off the internet but they loved thinking they were special I think.

I worked there for 2 ish years and for the most part it was a good job, if not stressful.

Anyway after I left one of my coworkers called me to tell me that a gentleman who was one of my regulars insisted upon getting my home address and last name in order to send me a card to bid me farewell. Now, I am a very friendly person on the phone, but I don’t know you, Jerry from Vermont, I wouldn’t have any idea who you were without your file open in front of me. Of course you can’t have my last name and address…

One of the weirder issues I had and it wasn’t till after I left!!

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