Guy gets confused on why his internet is out after a huricane.

This is another story from my CallCenter chronicles, hope you enjoy.

This happened few years ago when I was working as a tech support agent for a big American telecomunication company. The call came in right after a big huricane and not all affected accounts were marked yet so I did not know right away he was part of the outage.

“Hi, blah blah blah, How may I help you today?”

Older gentleman on the phone: “Can you hear this?”

“No John (fake name ofc), I’m affraid I can’t. What am I listening for?”

“Its my generator! The entire city is flooded after the huricane but I was prepared and took my generator to a 2nd floor so now I have electricity.”

“I’m so sorry to hear about the huricane, must have been horrible, but good on you for being prepared!”

“Thanks! Soooo, anyway. My internet and TV stopped working. Can you help me with that?”

“John, I’m affraid that if the huricane was as bad as you told me, there will be damaged infrastructure and many outages in your area. I am looking at your account as we speak and I indeed do not see any signal going to your premises.”

“Oh cmon! It was’t that bad! Maybe it’s showing wrong on your end. Can I check here if I have signal?”

“John I’m sorry but our tools generally do not lie but if you want to check for youself, just look at your modem and you will see a red light under broadband that indicates no signal comming through”

“Well, see, I can’t really do that. The internet box is downstairs under water”

“Well, you kinda need that box among other things for your services to be up and running”

“Oh, I see. So there is really nothing we can do?”

“At this point, we just need to wait for our disaster response teams to fix everything. You can get updates on the progress here, here here, blah blah blah”

To be fair, he was really nice about it considering the circumstances. Probably a bit shellshocked so I don’t mean to poke fun at him, but I still find the conversation kinda amusing. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed.

Big Momma Out! (Inside joke from my very first call center story posted on r/MaliciousCompliance. If you want context, you can check the post here. Trust me, it’s worth reading.)

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