Local man doesn’t pay his bill, blames the company for it

Quick backstory: I work at a membership based service, the kind of deal where you pay an annual fee and you get access to our services. It’s a fair price to pay, assuming you pay it.

Man calls in, he’s asking about the status of his membership because he got an email about a missed payment. I pull up his information and sure enough his membership is in need of paying for. No problem, that’s what I’m here for so we start going through the whole process. It goes smoothly… Until he starts to complain.

Caller: Thanks for the help. I have to ask, why was I not notified about the status of my membership?

Me: I’m sorry what do you mean about that? I thought you were notified. Isn’t that why you called?

Caller: I was emailed yes, but why wasn’t I called?

Me: We don’t generally call people to notify them of missed payments, we send emails like the one you received.

Caller: That’s not right, you should be calling people to notify them. I got my email several days ago and I didn’t notice because it was in my junk folder. What kind of company are you running?

Me: I apologize sir but it’s not really our fault that you didn’t check your email. If our email went into your junk folder you may want look at the filters you have in place since they may be sorting your email wrong.

Caller: That’s not right, phone calls are much more professional. I’m going to be writing a letter of complaint about your company and sending it to [Name of local business regulation board] as well as [Names of various news organizations] and telling them about this awful way you conduct business.

He went on a little bit longer but honestly I tuned him out at some point and just let him rant, giving the occasional “uh huh” and “I’m sorry you feel that way sir”. I kinda hope this fellow goes through with his threat to report my workplace because some boomer can’t figure out emails.

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