Long time lurker, first time poster. I apologize that I’m on mobile but I’m still at work.

I work in a customer support call center for a regional hospital system in my state.

Today is busier then most, we are really under staffed currently as we have had a lot of people leave the past couple of months.

Anyway, I had a lady call into upset wanting to dispute her bills. Okay whatever I hear this like 4 times a day. I proceed to verify info and ask which dates for the bills. She tells me then goes into a tangent upset because we will not bill her cost share program which she was told the reason why previously. She then spoke about a clinic in the town she was seen billing her cost share and getting payment then drops this “am I being discriminated against because I’m white?” I literally had to put my phone on mute because I was about to dying laughing. I unmuted my phone and began trying to locate this visit she mention to see what was happening. She could figure out what day she was seen at this clinic and after speaking with a lead about the situation we think she was confusing us with a different hospital system. Besides being told by an older man “did you graduate second grade because you don’t know basic math” this was probably one of the best things I heard.

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