I won’t give my birthday, but here’s my address!

I work for a medical debt collection agency. Sue to HIPAA, I can’t tell them anything until I confirm I’m speaking with the party, using their birthday or address, if they’re hesitant to give any of that information, I’ll ask for year of birth and zip code and let them know I wouldn’t be able to take their identity with that information.

Sometimes, I don’t even ask for the address, knowing that I’m even more hesitant to give that out to a complete stranger and just go to year of birth and zip code. What surprises me the most is there is at least one person a day that will say, “I’ll give you my address but not my birthday!” And then give me their entire address.

I just don’t understand. I would be worried a scammer would be more likely to find me with my address than my birthday. Can anyone explain this to me?

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I’ve literally been told NO twice, but I’m going to ask again because Google knows more than the people who wrote the rules.

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