Ive had enough..

So I want to put my story out there so other people know they are not alone especially in our line of work and the current circumstance. Today i had a call that made me cry cause im soo tired this same issue. Background* i work for a big medical type retail company in the US, Customer Service call center with only 11 ppl on our team that take calls for over 700 stores. I know what you’re thinking, im astounded too. Before covid we wouldnt take calls from our stores we would take complaints and help get a resolution. Now after covid we are routed calls from our stores from people who need help with what they ordered,however we cant really help because SURPRISE *we dont have access to check stores systems and we advise they call the store. Anyways, we changed all of our store hours to be closed on Sundays but for these appointments that were made way far in advance the store has to cancel or call the patient to reschedule, which with this customer they did not and he drove his 80yr old mom to this appointment which he got reminders for and found out they were closed. So calls us livid, and i would be too. And went off yelling and saying how much he didnt want to it out on me but yet he was doing it anyway. He asked for a callback from my sup which i did let him know that a sup would call him back, and this is because on the weekends our sup is never to be found, she’ll open up a group chat at the beginning of our day for us to say when were on and off for breaks but other than that she is absent and no help at alll. After that call i got soo upset and i had to let it out and cry because im soo tired of these same stores not handling things when they should they always have the same issue, i get soo tired of having to profusely and apologize for hold time during the week, it is madness and on top of it the stores dont answer because they are short on staff. If you get anything from this story please do not tell a customer service rep that “you dont mean to go off on them” but continue to do it, i promise it gets old. -sincerely a tired CS agent.

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