Story time

As soon as you got a live rep (me), you went full crazy. You wouldn’t tell me your name (asked if I was to stupid to figure it out) wouldn’t give me a pun( I can’t help without one) , told me I was stupid, “sucked” at my job… you knew corporate (of coarse), you went on and on and on (14 minutes).Finally you asked for a manager (game over) .. I got you one, conference her in to hear your nasty filthy mouth first- then guess what??? The call dropped- really- it di! I feel for the next rep, really I do,I’ve been her…many times. There was ONE silver cloud…While you were doing your best to “hurt me”.I advanced 3 levels on Candy crush with friends! So 😊 thanks! I was stuck on level 1130 forever!!

What do you think?

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There is no strip club here…

Ive had enough..