Yeah, which credit card is this for?

I used to work in collections for a US auto finance company and I used to loveeee the one-liners (you know the ones that answer…say something short, insult you, or ask you to remove their number…then hang up)

“Hello, can I speak with Ms. Customer?”

Her: This…is sheeee? Who’s this?

“We are calling about your 2012 _____ Vehicle, we see that your account is 40 days past due, can we schedule a payment arrangement to bring your account current?”

Her: Yeah, which credit card is this for?

“Ma’am, this is about your car.”

pauses and waits for it to sink in


customer hangs up

I checked her account and it looks like she had bill pay set up through her bank (not autopay through us) and for some reason the payments stopped coming. Yikes.

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