“Sir, I know what my manager would say because he trained me”

Just another story about customers who make incomprehensible purchasing decisions. Following on from my last post, I work at a clearance electronics company who sells out of box and damaged goods. As with many clearance outlets, we don’t offer returns if you change your mind on your purchase or buy the wrong item. We will sometimes offer to take the product back however will take a fee of about 20% out of your refund to cover our initial free delivery and warehouse expenses.

You would be surprised the amount of people who buy large appliances (fridges, ovens, stoves, washing machines) and don’t take any measurements beforehand. One such customer, who had purchased too large a fridge, called in:

Customer: Hi, the fridge I have been delivered today is too large.

Me: Oh no sorry to hear that. Are the delivery men still there and what is the size of your wall cavity?

Customer: No the drivers left a while ago. The space is 850 high.

Me: Yep, from looking at your order and the fridge specifications you definitely ordered the wrong fridge as this model is 870 mm tall. There are a couple of options, we can return the fridge however there is a 20% restocking for delivery fees. Or I might recommend you keep it and adjust the cavities height if you want a fridge this big. Every fridge under 870 is significantly smaller in volume.

(By this point it’s becoming clear the customer took a gamble buying a larger fridge then he could fit)

Customer: How dare you charge me restocking, you have advertised the height wrong! You think I wouldn’t measure my own fridge? I did so much research.

Me: Sorry sir but I believe you are mistaken. Every site I’m checking, including ours, similar businesses and the manufacturer, has the height at 870 mm.

Customer: Well someone must have keyed it in wrong.

Me: We don’t manually enter the heights, we copy directly from the manufacturer. The last time someone was on this webpage to adjust it was April 21st.

Customer: So that proves it someone did adjust the height and now you’ve changed it back!

Me: Sir, April 21st was months before you made your purchase. Also what benefit would we receive from changing our advertisement? Making our customers upset?

This went on for a while in circles until finally he asked for my manager.

Customer: I want to speak to your manager. You can’t charge me to take back something that was just delivered.

Me: Sir my manager is not in today as he is dealing with (recent disaster) and needs to be home. You are more than welcome to call back tomorrow when he is in but he will repeat my answers.

Customer: How do you know what he will say? Are you the same person? Do you know what he is thinking? No, you don’t.

Me: Sir, I know what my manager would say because he trained me. I think we are not going to reach an agreement today. You are more than welcome to call back tomorrow and speak to (manager).

Customer: Hangs up.

Interestingly he didn’t call back for my manager the next day so I think he knew he made the mistake and would prefer the larger fridge. This is probably my proudest moment of not caving to demands. I’m so glad my company supports us and does not enforce putting up with these customers.

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