"I’m upset so I get to bypass verification"

This just happened like 5 mins ago. Crazy rude old lady.

“Thanks for calling *bank name*. How can I help you?”- Me

“My name is Rude Lady. I need you to look at my account right now. My code is 1234. My account number is 123456789” -RL

“Sure let me pull that up. Let me go ahead and get you verified and then I can take a look at your account” -Me

“Okay my code is 1234” -RL

We have verification pins so if you come in green with a pin you just give your pin number and you’re good. This lady was yellow with a pin which means we need her pin AND need to send out an additional verification code via text or email.

“Thank you. What is the phone number or email we have on file?” -me

She gives me both.

“Thank you. Are you able to receive a text message at that phone number right now?” -Me

She tells me yes then proceeds to tell me who her cell phone carrier is.

“Thank you. Message and data rates may apply, you’ll receive one verification code for each verification code issued” -me

“Um what does that mean? I can’t receive text messages are you stupid? Why do you need to send a text message I gave you MY PIN!!!! MY CODE IS 1234 why are you asking for my cell phone I can’t receive text messages!!” -RL

“Your pin is just one step of the verification process and you just told me you were able to receive a text message which is why I proceeded with sending you one” -me

“This is BULLSHIT my account is about to get HACKED and I need to speak with someone NOW. Why do I need to get verified I gave you my CODE already its ONE TWO THREE FOUR” -RL

Now this is the part where I kind of argued back with her because I just accepted a job somewhere else and am working my 2 weeks notice.. I cannot stand people like her and I said what I really wanted to say.

“If you can’t receive text messages then why did you just tell me you could two minutes ago” -me

“I didn’t understand the question. I need to get my account looked at immediately if you could just skip through this because I gave you my code” -RL

“No sorry I can’t do that. Also, if you continue to talk to me in that tone I’m going to have to disconnect the call” – me

“I’m not RAISING my voice this is my NATURAL tone” -RL

okay karen

“okay I can bypass the text message, I’ll just ask you security questions instead. what is the annual percent rate on this account?” -me

The security questions are basic account questions FYI. like account balance, last purchase, interest rate, where does your direct deposit come from. super simple stuff.

Rude Lady FLIPS out “YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW THIS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? do you want me to drive all the way to new mexico to my winter home to get my account information? my account is getting HACKED” -RL

“i don’t know, whatever you need to do in order to answer the questions” -me

“can i please speak with your supervisor” -RL

“sure but they’re going to need to verify you as well and ask you the same questions” -me

I was supposed to warm transfer her to our escalation team, but accidentally clicked transfer instead of conference. I went on her account and left like 5 alerts explaining that she get irate and yelling so I don’t even feel bad. I have like 2 weeks left at this job and she was rude. What are they going to do, fire me?

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