Sir, I do not fix cellphones

This is from a few weeks ago, but… I work at a call center for an ISP, I take care of cellphone services when people want to cancel them, lower their contact’s price, more data, etc. One day, a client calls from a store.

Me: good afternoon, my name is…, how can I help you?

Client: I bought a cellphone from one of your stores a while ago, it cost me 1100 something euros…

Me: Okay…

Client: And it broke, and won’t work, so I came to the store to get it fixed, and they’re charging 8€ and some cents for the repairs and rental of a phone that I can use while it’s in repairs. I don’t agree with that price, that’s not what’s in the contract, so I want to cancel my service.

One thing to note: cellphone contracts have little to nothing to do with repairs, even if created when you purchase a phone. I put him on hold, check his sheet, he has a special offer on his contract, meaning I can’t try to placate him with something cheaper, and I obviously can’t do anything about the repair fees. He also has a binding period active that only ends next year, meaning of he cancels his contract, he’ll have to pay over 100€ in penalty. I get back to the call.

Me: Sir, you currently have a binding period un-

Client: I don’t care, I’ll pay what I owe, but I want to give up on this.

Me: But sir, then why not pay the repairs…

Client: It’s not right, I shouldn’t have to pay for it, they’re not even lending me the same phone model. It’d be one thing if it was, but it’s not!

Me: But sir, repair fees have nothing to do with my department, I can’t do anything about it.

Client: so you’re losing a customer over 8€? Come on now!

Me: I mean, you’re asking me to do something I can’t do. At most you could try calling tech support, see if they can do anything, but…

Client: Oh, so you’re just trying to pass me off. Whatever, cancel my service.

Me: Alright. Do you want to deactivate your number completely, or are you porting to another company.

Client: That doesn’t matter to me.

Me: … But it matters here, because the procedure on each outcome is very different.

Client: Fine, I’ll go to

Me: Alright, I’ll register that and-

Client: What I want to know is who’s going to fix my phone, that’s the question now.

I start trying to say he’ll have to find somewhere else to do it, but he interrupts me as soon as I say ‘have to’.

Client: See, see, you’re about to tell me to pay the 8€ anyway, whatever, it’s over, it’s all cancelled right?

Me: Not yet, because-

Client: Because what, I asked to cancel it and you’re not cancelling, what, why, what is this-

Me: Sir, when you want to port the number to a different company, the contract is cancelled after you contact them and ask for the transfer, so it’s taken care of between the two companies.

Client: Woow, OK, ok, I get it!

Me: Anything else?

Client: No that’s it.

Honestly, one of the stupidest calls I ever had, but it’s his money to waste I guess.

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