People that call in before doing ANYTHING else. Ugh

Just had someone call support saying she missed a scheduled call from one of our advisors (key word there: scheduled) because she was on another call and starts going on about “why wouldn’t she call back” and “I can’t gaurentee no one else will call me”…

Well, considering you SCHEDULED the call for that point in time, you can’t blame us for calling you… at that exact time. You SHOULD gaurentee no one else calls you then, and if they do, don’t pick up because you are expecting another call. No? Too logical?

Anyway, I go into our advisors chat room to see if that person or anyone else is available to reach back out to her and while I’m doing that she goes “Well I have an email from her saying she missed me and it has her phone number. Should I call her back?”

It’s incredible. How is that not the first thing you would think to do? No, call our general support line. That makes much more sense.

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