Laughed whilst my friend and colleague got screamed at by a Karen. Then she called again and the it came through to my phone.

I had two close friends whilst I worked in the call centre and the three of us always found amusement in each other getting screamed at by Karens. To us, there was nothing funnier than watching one of us try their best to stay professional whilst getting abused. We would giggle uncontrollably and be happy that this time we were not ‘the unlucky one!’

Well, this time it did a complete 180.

My friend had ‘the worst customer we’ve ever had’ on the phone. Stereotypical Karen, screaming at him for something completely out of his control. Watching my friend try to deal with it whilst giving us glances that could only be interpreted as him saying ‘please end my life’ was hilarious. The call finally ended after about an hour of abuse. My colleague told me the full story and said she apparently ended the call so she could ‘calm down'(her words!).

A minute later my phone rang, and it was her. I don’t know what she did to try to calm down, but it clearly didn’t work, she was even angrier. For the next hour she tormented me non-stop whilst my two friends then had their fun laughing at my misfortune, exactly what I deserved!

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It finally happened

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