It finally happened

Well, the one thing I have always waited for finally happened today. I’ve never been told to do this by my company, but I feel it is common sense. I work tech support for a local ISP.

Call comes in. Customer is angry, says internet is not working. I pull the account up, and can see from the activities there is already a history. She tells me that she has been told numerous times that the internet is not working in her back bedroom because her wifi signal does not reach that far, and she needs to purchase a range extender. I verify this with the activities on the account, however it looks like we also had a tech go to her house and check things, who determined the cheap wireless chip in her tv’s is the problem, and verified everything else is working.

Based on this, and the info she gives me, I come to the same conclusion. She gets livid. She starts yelling, and threatening to cancel. I apologize, and tell her if she wishes to cancel, she can call on Monday when customer service is here. She tells me she is coming into the office, and not leaving until a manager speaks to her. Our offices are currently closed due to a Global pandemic, so good luck with that.

She asks for the supervisor, and I smile and let her know I am the night shift supervisor. She says she hardly believes that, and hangs up.

The real magic happens after the call. We get a chat request, and it is her threatening legal action.

I reiterated the 3 different options we gave her, all of which she refused, and then let her know that due to legal action being threatened, she will have to go through upper management with any further contact. She keeps messaging in, but her chats are being ignored.

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