Ironic wife from hell thinks I am setting women back 100 years.

TLDR is at the bottom. I work in web support for a major credit card company and in order to help anyone with getting logged in I have to get permission from the primary card holder. Obviously there’s a lot you can do and access with an account online so it needs to be secure.

This lady calls in for her help logging in to her husbands account, we‘’ll call him John Smith, and she refused to give me her first name and insisted I called her Mrs.Smith. She also wasn’t listed on the account at all, so I definitely needed to speak with her husband. I let her know this after getting her name and the account pulled up.

Mrs.Smith: I’m his wife and I pay all of the bills and handle these accounts, you need to help me! I don’t understand why this is so difficult. Your website is terrible my password always works so I don’t know why you changed it and now it’s not working!

Me: I definitely understand the frustration and want to help you but because this isn’t your account, I do need to get direct permission from the primary cardholder in order to help you get logged in.

Mrs.Smith: This is ridiculous that you need my husbands permission to help me. I pay the bills and you need to speak with him when I’m trying to pay you! it’s like you don’t even want this payment! I can’t believe in this day and age you would need to speak with my HUSBAND about this.

She finally gets her husband on the phone who generally sounds like a well meaning guy and I feel sorry that he seems to be trapped with this banshee of a wife. He gives me his name and any additional verification.

Me: (goes over a legally required verbatim disclosure to get direct permission to help MRS. Smith get access to his account and is still responsible for any changes made to the account

John Smith gives me this permission and hands the phone back to his crazy Karen banshee wife.

Me: Thank you, okay Mrs. Smith I have sent out your temporary password reset so you can get logged in again, do you want me to stay on the line to make sure it works while you get logged in?

Mrs.Smith: (basically screaming into the phone) Congratulations! you just set women back 100 years! hangs up

Uhhh okay MRS. Smith, the one who insists on being called by her husbands name. I’m the one setting women back? lol I had to take a moment from calls after that because it was so ridiculous.

TLDR; women insists on being called by her married last name only and then tells me I am setting women back 100 years because I need the account holders (her husbands) permission in order to help her. lol

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