I got wrote up during training, which is grounds for immediate termination, because I done what my supervisor told me to do, but it wasn’t what my trainer told me to do.

And apparently, the site director and senior managers agreed with that, because I was in training and wasn’t supposed to listen to anyone else, BUT THEY ALSO say that during training, I’m not to do any account changes for customers without approval from any supervisor, regardless who they are.

That’s obviously conflicting. There is only one trainer, so the assistance of other supervisors for seasoned agents and tier 2s is necessary.

But I was in training. Nesting as it’s called in some places. The supervisor should have went and got my trainer, since I’m not allowed to get up and leave a call, instead of approving the changes I was to do.

When the trainer audited all trainee calls at end of shift, she pulled me over and said I should not have made the changes without her approval.

Maybe I was in the wrong. Maybe they were. Maybe we both were.

Good thing though, is that to be terminated in this fashion I have to sign and accept the write up. I didn’t. I just quit.

Good riddance.

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