This happened today

Unauthorized agent: I need verification on wiring instructions? Me: ok I can definitely assist, do you have authorization to speak on the borrowers acc Unauthorized: I just need wiring instructions on the acc? Can you provide them to me? Me: well no, I cannot provide that information without the proper authorization. I am sorry Unauthorized : well why can’t you I’ve do it multiple times before why are you being so difficult? Me: I’m sorry ma’am it’s our procedure I cannot provide you information since it has his information in it as well. Unauthorized: NO IT DOESNT IM LOOKING RIGHT AT IT JUST TELL ME YES OR NO I HAVE THE RIGHT INFORMATION ITS NOT SHARING PRIVATE INFORMATION IF I HAVE IT IVE DONE THIS BEFORE. me: okay ma’am but I really cannot give you any information you are unauthorized.. unauthorized: I want to speak to your manager right now. Me: ok. (Hold for 5 mins) I’m sorry there are no managers available. Unauthorized: then why can’t you do it for me, I just need a yes or a no it’s super simple. I already have done this before and you are making it super difficult. Me: Ma’am I really can’t I’m sorry. Unauthorized: well get me someone who can. Me: of course I do want to let you know they will tell you exactly the same information I have. Unauthorized: WELL IVE DONE IT BEFORE I DONT SEE WHY YOURE MAKING THIS SO HARD FOR ME. Why can’t you just tell me yes or no it’s so simple I have the information I have the borrowers name and zipcode and social I even have your money to be wired just tell me. Me: give me a moment while I find another agent for you. (Frosty cold tone) Xfer her

5 mins later a message from my coworker Did you just talk to unauthorized she called me and told me she talked to you and you were being difficult? I told her the same thing You did and she hung up on me. After asking me for a manager too!

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When they blame you for their mistakes…..

I got wrote up during training, which is grounds for immediate termination, because I done what my supervisor told me to do, but it wasn’t what my trainer told me to do.