4 months in, this is my story.

I work in a cell center for car insurance and have been there 4 months. Almost everyone hired at the same time as me is gone. I am not sure why?

It’s not high pressure, there is absolutely no cold-calling, the work environment is great, all my mangers/supervisors are nice, and I get benefits working part time I have never received working elsewhere, such as company matching 401k. The pay is not bad either.

As far as callers, I get maybe 1-2 angry/rude people a day. I realize they are mad at the company and not me, personally. I’ve only a couple calls where I was visibly shaking from dealing with someone’s anger, but I also speak in a very clear, well spoken and “authoritative” voice which seems to make people drop their BS.

Anyway, I’ve noticed some odd trends working in a call center. I’ve started lumping these people into groups and giving them names. 1st off is the “sexist”. I often receive calls from the girlfriend or wife of the insured, who repeats info to the wife or girlfriend, who repeats it back to me. I honestly have no clue why males will make their significant others talk on the phone for them. As an engaged male myself, it makes absolutely baffles me why they would do this. They don’t sound shy, have a speech impediment, or anything else that would prevent them from speaking.

The second group of people are the fast talkers. I note these mainly come from Florida. I’m starting to think Florida just straight up puts drugs in their water, because most people I talk to in Florida sound like they just did a line of coke before calling in. Again, it slows down the call because I have to have them stop and repeat themselves. I am a very good listener and can type a letter as soon as I hear it, but even then they talk entirely too fast. I’ve also driven in Florida before and everyone seems to be in a hurry driving as well. So I guess it comes naturally when speaking on the phone as well.

The third group of people are the ramblers. They can be put into two subgroups. The first ones love to ramble on when you ask them a specific question like “on what date was your car damaged”, and then they have to give some kind of epic speech on the exact details of their travel up to the incident, including what road they were on, the speed, the weather, etc. That’s nice and all…but frustrating when you ask something specific like a date and they don’t even tell you until the very end of their “story”. The second group of ramblers piss me off the most, because they will start talking before you even finished your sentence. “On what date wa..” “IS THIS CLAIM GOING TO RAISE MY RATES?”.

The fourth group is the “extremely inconvenienced”. These people would complain if you gave them a bar of solid gold and there was a scratch on it. “I see the closet repair center is 5 miles from you..” “FIVE MILES?!?!?! That’s too far!”. Or they call in on a Sunday and think a brand new factory windshield for a 2020 Maserati is just laying around in a glass shop and they can be out in 20 minutes to install it.

The very last group are the “noise makers”. These piss me off the most. People love to call when they are driving, which is fine. But for the love of god, don’t drive with your windows down on the interstate and expect me to be able to hear you, get pissed off when I ask to roll the windows up, or get pissed off when your standing outside in a 50mph wind gust and I have to have you repeat yourself a couple times.

Other than that, I love my job. It’s not very stressful, and most callers are pretty nice and pleasant to talk to.

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