Hanging up on customers.

So I recently (like the last month) developed this habit of hanging up on customers. I don’t do it everyday but if someone is being difficult or rude I hang up on them. I know this is really bad but I’m wondering can QA tell? Like to them it must seem like the call got disconnected, which happens a lot organically now that everyone is working from home. We use scorebuddy for our QA scores and I can see that it’s just a voice recording. I’m wondering if they can tell I hung up on the cx. I honestly hate this job so if I get fired it’s not the worst thing but I’m still curious.

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  1. It can depend. I’m not familiar with that type of QA software. I know at my call center they can tell. And if they find out and look during like a random audit or something its automatic termination for us.

  2. Even if they can’t tell that’s fucked up like how frustrating for a customer. I’m by no means saying you should handle verbal abuse hang up on verbally abusive people. But if you’re hanging up on people who are being difficult and you’re not worried about being fired you shouldn’t be there.

  3. Im the same way now I’ve slowed down a bit but back when our system was dropping calls I used to pull the internet cord.

  4. At my old job they could tell and I got caught. But I quit before they fired me. I hated it so much there. So I didn’t care either way.

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