Barred out Karen’s

I worked at a call center for Humanas Mail Order Pharmacy. It was only for senior citizens and only for those on Medicare. Literally about 85% of these members are either currently on or used to regularly be prescribed Xanax.

We’re a 90 day mail order pharmacy, meaning we mail you 90 days worth of your medication. Everyone always joined assuming that they’d be able to get their Xanax, Percs, and other controlled substances for 90 days. I’ve had to explain too many times that by law we cannot send them out for more than a month at a time.

We also are able to do short term scripts. So if you ran out of your meds early and will have to go a week or so without it, we can ask your doctor for a short term script (up to 10 days) and have it sent to a local pharmacy so you can go get a 10 day (or for how ever many days you need from 1-10 days) supply.

Sooo many people would call in and try taking advantage of it. They’d call in every month saying they ran out of their Xanax early. A few even started yelling and crying that they’re going through withdrawals. I’m a drug addict myself (heroin and meth, I’ve used Xanax but was never addicted) and I can easily spot the ones who purposely abuse it and the ones who did take too many because of their anxiety.

This lady did it for 5 months in a row, so by the 6th month we had to refuse to request. She was screaming and cussing at me saying, “I’m so sick and need my Xanax! I ran out early.” And was being so damn rude about it. Eventually I stopped trying to calm her down because I was mad and said, “look, you wouldn’t be out of your script or withdrawaling if you took it as prescribed!!” For the first time since that call started, all I heard was silence. She always so confused and shook that I said that lol. These Karen’s are crazy.

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