A Fun Tale of Forgetting

So I have posted on here once before, but for this one I wanted to share something that gave me a laugh.

So I had a member call in wanting to verify that an authorization was approved. This is pretty simple, I opened up the account and there was nothing recent. Told member I would give the provider a call to see if they sent it, no big deal.

I called the provider’s office and the front desk clerk came on the line. She will be P for Provider.

P: Thank you for calling ___, how can I help you?”

Me: Hi my name is OP and I am calling on behalf of a member to see if a prior authorization has been submitted for them.

P: Sure let me take a look

silence for a moment.

P: It looks like we already have an authorization approved for this member.

Me: Oh, I don’t see anything on this end, could you give me the authorization number so I can verify?

P: Sure it’s ____

I look up the authorization

Me: So I do see this authorization, but it says the end date is the end of June.

P: Yeah?

Me: …It’s July.

P: ..Oh. One moment please.

I hear her put down the phone and run off for a moment. then she comes back and picks up the phone.

P: We will get one sent over today!

Me: Okay, thanks!

Let member know, there was still plenty of time before the appointment. Still gives me a chuckle and I hope you got one too!

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