Who raised these people?? [rant]

Hiya, I work for a company that does home improvement, and my main duties are to make outbound calls to folks who sign up online to schedule an estimate, and take inbound calls.

People constantly get mad at me for calling them despite they literally requested it. Like, My shift starts at 8am and people will pick up the phone and scream at me for calling too early. Like send me to VM???? Thanks Karen i really wanted to start my day by getting screamed at

Or the guy who called the WRONG department to confirm an appointment he had with service. I let him know that I can send an email to service and have them reach out to confirm, then he calls me “useless” and makes a bunch of condescending comments about how I’m making this sooOOOoooOO confusing. Call the SERVICE department for service, and not the scheduling department for first time customers.

that goes hand in hand with the people who don’t want to wait on hold for service so they call me, and when I advise all I can do is transfer them to service they become irate. No amount of being insufferable will magically make me capable of assisting you when you’re blatantly calling the wrong department.

All of the people who hang up on me when I’m right in the middle of a sentence? Cool now I have to call you back. Use your words like an adult and you can either get what you literally signed up for or removed from the calling list.

I asked a guy to let me know when he’s available, so I can offer appointments that fit with his schedule, so he told me I was unbelievably rude and hung up on me ???

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