No, insurance doesn’t cover you when you are a complete muppet.

Insurance is there for the unexpected and help you recover from a loss. Of course if humans were perfect and we lived in a perfect world there would be no need for insurance. But we don’t. So you have to consider that people are occasionally capable of making some pretty stupid decisions, like forgetting to lock a door or maybe falling over drunk and needing medical treatment.

However there comes a point that the stupid decision is so bad we have to say that the customer failed to show reasonable judgement. This is a water cooler story that should entertain.

So the customer is pretty stressed and decides he needs a party. He invited his friends, his friends friends, then anybody who will come along and help him celebrate.

He makes some wonderful new acquaintances and accepts an invite to go on to a new party with them. He has a wonderful time and finally returns to his home 3 days later.

Only problem is, the party at his house hadn’t ended. Was was left behind was broken, what wasn’t broken was stained with God knows what and all in all it needed to be stripped back to the walls and floorboards and replaced.

The claim was declined as he failed in his duty of care.

He insisted that he had left the home in the care of his friend and it was not his fault his friend had failed in taking care of his property. When asked who this friend was and how long he had known him the answer was three days.

Three days? You left your home in the care of someone you knew for three days?

No I knew him three days when I came home, he was one of the gatecrashers.

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