When do clients take responsibility for their account?

I work inbound customer care for a major telecommunications company in my country. Recently we’ve migrated roughly 90 percent of our clientele to electronic billing, with exceptions for age,disability, and no access to internet. Recently this has caused issues because clients who would otherwise be eligible for paper billing miss a payment because they didn’t read the notice in their billing about the change we started sending beginning of the year. Normally we change them over if eligible, waive a late charge as a courtesy, and assist the client as normal.

I spoke with a client who while understanding he would be getting his bill by mail again, wasn’t happy he still owed balance from 2 months missed. The conversation went something like this(translated)
Cx: Are you saying th at come next month I will be receiving a bill for 3 worth of service?
Me: yes, because as I explained, the majority of the balance is from these two months which hadn’t been paid. I have removed any late fees for the inconvenience.
Cx: this is unacceptable! I’m not paying 3 months worth of service on one month’s bill!
Me: but sir, as I’ve said, that hasn’t been paid that’s why it’s being added on.
Cx: that’s not my fault, you never sent me a bill!
Me: that was an oversight on our part, however that doesn’t mean that you weren’t responsible for the charges.
Cx: how should I know what my bill is?
Me: you do have the ability to call us for any billing questions and our automated system will give you your balance as you wait.
Cx: why should I have to go through all that when you made a change that I never agreed to! Would you yourself wait on hold for 15 minutes for this?
Me: If I’ve missed a bill I expect for 2 months, yes absolutely I would.
Cx: you never Even gave me notice this change was going to be made against my will, this isn’t my fault I received no letter from you. This is your responsibility.
Me: on your bill it’s written under your charges that this will be changing since December, you have received sufficient notice to update your information and avoid this issue.
Cx: I never read that part of the bill I only look at the total! You are responsible for ensuring i have the information i need!
Me: Sir, with all due respect, at what point do you as the client take responsibility for your services?

*cue untranslatable swearing and hang up*

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