Give Karen an inch, and she’ll take a mile

Karen is using our company’s highest priced online software, and is requesting a discount. She says that she had gotten a discount in the past and is requesting one for this year. I can see this in the notes before the call comes through.

She refuses to let me look up her account. However, this should’ve been an easy call as it’s a call I get about once a month. This is actually spelled out in our policy and procedures. It’s a 10% discount unless it is the highest priced software, which would discount a dollar amount of $30.

I let her know that the discount she received last year should have been a one time thing but I am making an exception and offering her the max of $30 off. I don’t like to waste time going back and forth when I know that if it gets escalated, they would just make me offer that amount anyway. Most people appreciate this and the call is just a few minutes long… not Karen.

Karen proceeds to tell me that she was thinking that she should get $60 off. I told her that is not an option at this time. I offered her the max, and the system is not showing me that as an option. I went over pricing because maybe she could/should use a different (and cheaper) version of the software. We also offered a freeium version that she had used multiple times in the past. (I was able to verify this once she gave me the information to look up her account). Just a no thrills version but the end result is the same.

Now, She is holding me hostage on the phone and refuses to use the free version because she would have to start from scratch. I tell her that I understand, but the reward is that she would be saving about $200 instead of $30. She just continues on and on and says that she’s okay with paying for the software, just not that much. She’s going on about Covid19 affecting her and her friends and family, and I can totally tell that this is going to be a long call. I got the feeling that this was how she planned to spend her Monday night.

At 15 minutes, I reach out to a supervisor and explain the situation. They basically tell me to offer her the $30 off and end the call.

I let her know that I reached out to a supervisor and at this time, I cannot send a discount for$50 off, that the max would be $30 off. She then digs her heel in and says, “They can do more than that, can’t they?”

She essentially just talks for about another 20 minutes and is just eating up time, and taking time away from other customers.

I finally say, “Karen, we have been on the call for close to a hour. At the top of the call, I was honest with you and let you know what the max discount would be. I’m so sorry that I cannot offer more at this time. I have reached out to my supervisor and have done everything I can within reason. I understand that you may be experiencing hardship right now. I’m so sorry for that. You don’t have to convince me that things are tough right now. I understand that and appreciate your business. At this time, I can only offer the $30 off. You can also use our free version which would be a savings of about $200.”

She says, “If I would’ve known that all you can do is offer $30 off. I wouldn’t have spent all my time on the phone with you! I will be calling back to discuss how I’ve been treated tonight.”

I’m sure she had been planning to do the entire time. Anyway, she hangs up the call and makes sure to give me a big fat 0 for NPS. Thanks Karen you only hurt the little guy here.

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