My favorite (good) story from working phones.

I’ve only been a technical support agent for a couple of years. I’ve been working for the same call center, but with different lines of business. The most recent one is a streaming application. One day I was just working my normal shift and a woman calls in. She’s frustrated, upset, she just can’t get it working.

At first she was pretty impatient and short with me. But after working for an awful shipping company before… She was definitely not my worst caller ever. So I patiently explained what had happened, helped verify all her info and explained the problem. Got her in on one device. Her mood with me was now much sweeter. Thanking me and generally being nicer. That usually happens when we are able to solve a customers issue.

Now another problem remained… she couldn’t seem to log in on her tv.

Well okay. So we started on that and after a couple of tries and like 5 minutes of troubleshooting, this poor woman starts sounding pretty sad, like on th verge of tears. Talking about how this was all so frustrating because there was a service exclusive app (yknow like how some shows are ONLY on Netflix, HBO or Hulu because it’s owned exclusively by them..) that her and her father would watch together.

I just sorta went with it. She was so upset but we managed to get the app uninstalled, reinstalled, ECT and she absolutely just bawled for a moment in happiness. Like. This sort of relieved crying that had me already feeling for her.

She explained that her father had just recently passed away and they used to watch that particular show together. It held so much meaning. She was going to be home that weekend alone and wanted to watch it for comfort.

My heart just broke at how sad she sounded. And I’m super close with my dad so I assured her that everything was going to be okay. That now that she was in, she could watch to her hearts content, binge her favorite food and just enjoy her weekend in her father’s memory.

I felt awful that I’d made her cry harder after reassuring her. But after getting off the phone. I sent a follow up email. I broke some rules and put in some personal touches to the message, including attaching a picture of one of the characters from the show with a quote about staying strong on it.

I still think about this woman here and there. And I wish her all the best. Wherever she is.

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