Listening is hard.

I work for a roadside assistance company and this is a call I got today.

Me: Thank you for calling roadside assistance company. How can I help today?

C: Yeah just like to see when my membership is due.

Me: Sure I would be happy to help. * Goes through verification* Your membership is due November 10th. And you will be paying1-

C: And how much will I be paying?

Me: $150

C: Okay and when is that due?

Me: November 10th.

C: Also I see I have the basic plan. I would like to upgrade if possible.

Me: Sure. The next membership we have up will give you 150 miles of towing. itll be a prorated amount of $25 total to upgrade and that’s due today.

C: So $25 per person on the membership?

Me: No. $25 total.

C: So next year I will be paying the $150 plus $25?

Me: No…… the $25 is a prorated amount. Since it’s about halfway through the year we aren’t going to charge the full price. The total amount next year is $200.

C: Oh okay. And how many miles of towing does it give me?

Me: 150 miles.

C: Oh okay.

Me: So what’s going to be due today to upgrade is $25. What kind of card will you be using to make this payment?

C: Why do you need a card? I thought my membership wasn’t due until November.

Me: screaming internally We are upgrading right now remember so right now what’s due is the $25 to upgrade.

C: But my renewal is not until November.

Me: * Almost between clenched teeth* We are not renewing the membership right now. We are upgrading….remember?

C: Oh…. Well I don’t have a credit card so I’ll call back an upgrade at renewal and November.

If she had some kind of disability then I truly sympathize with her. If not HOLY SHIT!

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