Me and my Saleswoman really annoyed the hell out of a call centre worker.

I am not complaining about a call centre, I’m here to share a funny story from my point of view.

I recently bought a new Mercedes. When I filled in the customer info form, they asked for the usual, email address, phone number, etc. On the day I went to pick up my car, the saleswoman said to me “Loogie125, they’re going to send you an email for a customer satisfaction form. On the form, there is going to be 3 sections, 1 giving an overall /10 score for me, 1 for any comments for me and/or any other staff at the dealership and 1 for any comments about the dealership itself.”

She then explained that: “The 1st section (scoring /10) is very important to my paycheque as well as my job security. All that I ask of you is to give me a 10, and you can write absolutely anything about me, complain about me, say that I was an asshole, but all that I ask is that you give me a 10.”

Malicious compliance activated.

The day I got the email, I gave her a 10 and wrote on the comments “The saleswoman was too fat. She was however, very, very helpful and punctual.”

A day later I get this call. CCE: Call Centre employee

CCE: Hello may I please speak to Loogie125?

OP: Speaking. Who is calling?

CCE: Mercedes-Benz dealershipname. I’d just like to firstly thank you for giving saleswomanname a score… ummm… ummm of 10, and ummm… an ummm… appropriate appraisal for her.

OP: yes she was very nice. She deserved those comments.

CCE: (biting tongue) Wethankyouforyourkindcomments, isthereanythingelseyouwouldliketo commenton?

OP: No, thank you very much for calling.

CCE: Thankyouforusing Mercedes-Benz dealershipname, Haveaniceday.

I’m pretty sure he burst out laughing as soon as I hung up. I knew I had gone a bit too far.

My saleswoman somehow got upset at the comments, but I had witnesses of her telling me i can say whatever about her. So she was like “okay lol”

Two weeks later I get another agent on the phone.

CCE: Hi I’m calling from Mercedes-Benz, am I speaking to Loogie125?

OP: Speaking.

CCE: I’m calling to take your comments about your recent purchase of a Mercedes-Benz E class.

Asks the exact same 3 questions that were in the email. I still gave them the exact same answers minus the fat part.

CCE: Thank you for your kind comments, and thank you for doing business with Mercedes Benz. Have a nice day.

OP: Same to you!

So I managed to fuck up a dealerships CR department. And make the call centre erupt in laughter.

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