Entitled douche of the year

I work for a telecommunications company as a customer representative and this guy calls in super casual on the phone. I myself when in the zone sometimes tend to talk fast and he picked up on that and chuckled you should be an auctioneer so I figured it would be an easy call. I reiterated and made myself more clear so we can chat and he was already verified making things quick. I get his account up and seems normal no red flags except a special instructions from our Executive team flagged as credit/verbal abuser. I decided to be cautious from then on as we got into talking he stated he called because the last rep was unprofessional and he was speaking other languages and laughing making the customer uncomfortable. I understandably took him at face value as he showed genuine emotions, I had only the option to file a complaint (email to my supervisor that does nothing). So i took his information and as I asked is there anything else this mtherfcker just goes off “I been a long time customer of almost 20 years and I just don’t feel you do anything for me anymore, tell me Cindric what can you do for me to make me feel welcomed, I am thinking bogo free iPhones with no trade in, no tax and no shipping.” I for once in my time there speechless because of my awe at the entitlement. I approached and tried to negotiate within my means more reasonable offers such as half off one of the phones for him and he then proceeded to say: “I’m sorry I don’t think you understand me what are you doing for me today” I couldn’t do it I was so ready to punch back with sarcastic remarks but I calmly tried to renegotiate in which it turned into “how uncomfortable I made him feel and he felt so unwelcomed we aren’t doing exclusive deals just for him. Some peoples kids man…

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