"I’m just going to call every day and complain!"

I work for a cellphone company. I am the highest level of technical support you can speak to.

L – good Christian old lady (self labeled)

M – me

After introductions and asking her how I can help, she calls herself a good Christian woman and informs me she’s trying to live stream her church service but cannot because her reception is poor.

M – oh I’m so sorry –

L – all you people ever are is sorry! When will you listen and fix this! I’m going to invite the CEO and wine and dine him, greatest he’s ever had, but make him try to use his phone here. He won’t be able to! THERES. NO. SERVICE.

M – (internally confused, asking myself what the fuck) I really understand your frustration ma’am. I am sorry. Do you have internet there?

L – no. Why should I have to pay for internet?

M – (now realizing she lives in the mountains and there’s no towers owned by my company out there) I do see you’re very far away from a tower, so –

L – exactly! I don’t have service. My neighbors don’t have service. When will we get service?

M – its very hard to put a tower in your area and it’s entirely possible the places that can have a tower placed are owned by a different company.

L – fine. I’ll just call back every single day. I’ll keep complaining and complaining until something is done. And my bill, I pay a premium price and can’t get premium service. You supposedly cant do anything about that either. Why am I paying so much? I need a discount.

M – (crying over my call back % because its the end of the month) well maam we can look into indoor solutions for you today. As far as your bill goes, we can change your plan to a lower priced one.

L – (99% sure she did not listen to a single word I said) I am not changing my plan. I know nothing will be done but ill just keep calling and calling. I hate this company, they don’t care about me. We’ve never had service and never will. Good day.

I couldn’t outright say it, but holy fuck lady just change carriers if you’ve never gotten service out there? If you move and your service sucks please spare tech support if you’ve been getting the same answer from us over and over. I don’t have the emotional strength to be these people’s punching bag anymore.

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Is it normal for supervisors to dodge escalated calls?

Well I’m going to the FTC about this, you’re required by law to help me!