How not to commit insurance fraud #5

Just noticed it should be #6 but I can’t amend the title.

No animals were hurt in the creation of this sub. Though I might have fantasised about smacking the customer around the head a few times.

This guy was making the most outrageous claim and seemed to think that because it was for travel insurance we wouldn’t be able to check up on him. Amongst other things he claimed he was in a near coma in a hospital in a foreign country. We already had grounds to believe it wasn’t true.

Me: I am afraid the bank statements you provided don’t actually confirm you paid the hospital £500.

Caller: But they show I withdrew £500.

Me: Yes in over a dozen transactions in this country and while overseas. Normally when people pay a large sum in cash they withdraw it in a single transaction. Small ones over a period of time tend to be for general purposes. But the bank transactions did provide some information on a different matter.

Caller: Yes:

Me: According to the information you gave me you were in a coma from the 1st to the 10th of August. But there was a cash withdrawal from your bank account on the 5th.

Caller: Oh my friend came to visit me in hospital and needed to pay for the taxi so I gave him my card.

Me : I have been able to check using a current map of the city and the site of the cash machine used was 5 miles away from the hospital.

Caller: He came to the hospital , git the card, went to the nearest cash machine then came back to the hospital.

Me: So while you were seriously ill, in a coma in hospital, you had a friend visit you, but you were able to agree to loan him money to visit you by being able to get your bank card and give it to him with your pin. He then goes back into the taxi, drives past several cash points to get some money, then you drive back to the hospital.

Caller: That is the truth. You have to believe me .

Me: …..

No we didn’t pay the claim.

General rule of thumb, assume everything will be checked.

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"I guess you can’t help me then"

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