Family Betrayal

I work at a logistics company, and one of my tasks is the call center. One day, end of the shift, I answer the phone to an extremely anxious lady, saying that one of our drivers just broke into her house, stole her, and then got away in one of our vans. Ofc I was stunned, and asked for further information to confirm if it was actually or van. She proceeds to describe the van perfectly and even says the name of the driver, but didn’t memorize the license plate. I found this very weird. How would she know his name? He breaks into her house and goes “IM ‘JAKE’ AND THIS IS A ROBBERY”? And saw the van enough time to describe it perfectly, but didn’t get the license plate? Either way, I collect her name, number and the description of the event and I transfer this info to our transports department. Fast forward a few days later, and I go by the transports department manager and I remember to ask him how the story ended. Turns out, this lady had done this before. She’s the mother of the driver, they’ve been having a dispute for a few years and she has tried to make him lose his job more than once.

TL;DR: woman calls to complain about one of our drivers that had broken into her house and robbed her. Turns out to be the driver’s mother trying to make him lose his job.

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