Worked for online exam proctoring center, loved helping the people taking exams to go into the funeral home industry

I used to work for a company that proctored exams online. Thankfully the human connection aspect of things was encouraged, because within my first week or two on the job I decided to just go for the gusto with innovations to the customer script. Not “get ’em to cough up more money” innovations, stuff that would make it far more entertaining for me to do the job, innovations. Good thing is that it helped put the test takers at ease as they were going into the exams.

What, precisely, I would say in my general customer service routine I guess I could do a different story about, but it’s one of those best-when-fresh sorts of things. Funny voices, though, that was a no-go. A manager told me to knock THAT off, but the humor was otherwise fine.

Anyway, some of the exams we would proctor were for colleges training future morticians, funeral home workers, and the like. I enjoyed the opportunities for additional humor that those presented. I would actually go out of my way to pull those from the queue so that I could engage with those test takers.

In an otherwise crazymakingly tedious job, being able to hit test takers with jokes about stiff competition, outside of the box thinking, being buried in work, academic rigor, etc etc etc made it possible to keep going. A number of them did enjoy the humor. I think I got this one guy several times in a row, but when I choose to keep pulling the mortician exams, that just boosts the likelihood of getting the same people back again.

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