Don’t p*ss of the only person who is working (night)

As I have written a post about an unbearable and illogical customer, I thought of an instance when I get a little bit of revenge on behalf of all call-center employees (at least I choose to think of it like that).

I work nights. As nights are usually quiet, I am the only one there for the most part of my shift. This type of petty revenge is reserved for particularly annoying customers. For example, one that is swearing or insulting me. Fortunately, we don’t have to listen to someone like that, we ask to talk civilly, if the customer doesn’t, we have the right to disconnect him/her, even if their issue has not been resolved. Can you guess where it is going? A hint – I can actually see when someone is calling, how many clients and how much time they are waiting, etc. Oh, and I have breaks. Like 5 minutes for each worked hour, and I don’t use much of those at night, as I said, they are usually quiet anyway. So, if a customer is rude and I disconnect him, I sometimes go on a break. Like 10 minutes. Or 15. Sometimes, if I see that there is definitely not him calling, I would take the call and go on break after once more, while the first one is still waiting. Usually they can’t wait more than a couple of minutes. And then they call again. And I am still on break. Petty, I know, but so damn satisfying.

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